Porcelain set "Pour Ma Petite" godparents, fig. 1
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Porcelain set "Pour Ma Petite" godparents

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How to make an unforgettable gift to the godparents? Simply showing them that they are unique and special in your life and that what you give them is not only perfect and precious, but is created specifically for them! In short, at Wagner Arte we customize our porcelain objects to become that memorable gift that will convince any godparent of your perfect taste!


Set of porcelain objects from the "Pour Ma Petite" collection, customized for your event. You are the one who decides which objects will make up your gift and which personalization will be added, whether it is a monogram with the initials of the godparents, whether it is a representative image or even a coat of arms.

The price is formed starting from the standard price of each object (without personalization), to which is added the price of personalization, which differs depending on its type.

To see some standard prices of these products, you can access the "Pour Ma Petite" collection in the category Porcelain gifts/Gift collections.