In Bloom


The "In Bloom" collection is a healing immersion in the spirit of our time marked by the obsession with physical finitude. The delicate, almost airy beauty of the jewels, marked by the symbol of the skull transposed into vital contexts, which suggest flowering, allows us to carry and live the message of our times, to accept physical finitude opening the door to a dormant spirituality, whose existence we may not have even suspected.
Ana Wagner connects her "In Bloom" collection with the spirit that gave birth to the Mexican phenomenon called
el día de los Muertos: it is the day when the dead are expected to return to the world of the living and are welcomed with great honors, bright and colorful clothes, dances, parades, goodies and all kinds of sweets in the shape of... a skull! We are witnessing a celebration of life enjoyed by both those in this world and those in the world beyond. The presence of skulls in Día de Los Muertos ceremonies is the sign of an ecstatic representation of resurrection, a process as natural as flowering.