About Ana Wagner

Ana Wagner is a visual artist, born in 1976 in Transilvania, Romania.

In the year of 2000, she graduates the graphic department of The Art Academy and around 2002 she starts to paint on porcelain thinking that her graphics and paintings can be put on a functional object, not only on a bidimensional paper or canvas. That was her first thought and it worked!

After a few years, this field of painting on porcelain became a real business for her and her sister, Irina Wagner, who represents the marketing and management department of our art workshop & showroom – Wagner Arte, which now is a representative Romanian brand of decorative art and jewelry design.

In present, Ana Wagner leads the creative department of Wagner Arte workshop, where she leaves her mark on the porcelain design. Furthermore, beside painting the porcelain, she designs the pieces for the jewelry made under the name of Wagner Arte. The creator is passionate about designing and painting porcelain jewelry that is mixed with metals like silver or gold and precious stones. Also, Ana Wagner works carefully for the design of many different types of porcelain objects like: lamps, photophore objects, decorative panels, etc.

From time to time, she designs book covers and she is a teacher of painting on porcelain in middle schools. She signs works of personal branding and graphic design.

She participates with her creations in international design fairs like Inhorgenta - Munich (Jewelry International Fair), Maison&Objet – Paris (International Design Fair) or Sieraad – Amsterdam (Jewelry International Fair) and, of course, in most of Romanian design fairs.

She also has special collaborations with Stefan Caltia (a famous Romanian painter) – ”The garden among the waters” – exhibitions & art album and another special collaboration with Vista Alegre – porcelain factory where she collaborates with the design department in an international design program organized by the most famous Portuguese porcelain factory.

All her work represents her wish of bringing beauty in this world we live and this is her way of telling people that nature, which inspires her, is the source of finding harmony and ourselves. Also, her work speaks, in essence, about Love and The Journey which we do for finding Love. Our life is The Journey.

Most of her creation you can find on our website www.wagnerarteshop.com/by-ana-wagner/.

In this section of our website you will find only unique or small series products, of which design and porcelain painting are exclusively signed by Ana Wagner.