Deep Red


- a wine inspired jewelry collection -

"Deep Red" is the first jewelry collection inspired by the wonderful world of wine and created by Irina Wagner together with Diana Pavelescu. Silver necklaces and earrings, precious stones and hand-painted porcelain, the unmistakable signature of Wagner Arte House, are the pieces in the collection that will make you love wine even more.

The story behind these creations begins with the friendship between two creative natures and passionate about the fine pleasures of life. A glass of wine takes on a different taste in a pleasant company, with notes of mystery and good energy. So the jewelry from the "Deep Red" collection borrows, for the porcelain accent piece, the ruby of a wine you drank one summer evening, in a place where you would like to return, with a person whose company gives you great pleasure.

Fine necklaces are found in two types of materials, silver and a combination of textile and silver thread. Taking from the current urban vibe, dynamic and feminine, the "Deep Red" collection includes four fine necklaces and a pair of long earrings that can be worn together or one by one, in combination with another earring. "Deep Red" is a bold invitation, like a trip to places with a special charm. "Deep Red" is a declaration of love for oneself, for wine, for unique moments in life, for harmony and discovery. "Deep Red" is an accent in your outfit that will not go unnoticed. We do not say when and where you can wear wine-inspired necklaces, as everyone decides what wine to drink, where, when and, especially, with whom. The possibilities are many.