Spring Treasures


Each of the pieces in this collection are heralds of spring and keepers of its treasures, with the delicate force of the lyrics that were the source of inspiration for Ana Wagner: “...Raw sun in lilac, Thin flight of a beetle, Small swallow voices... Spring, from what heaven, Unseen by earthlings, You come with your proud parade, Over the groves and meadows...”.

Forms and meanings intertwine, communicate and enhance each other in "Spring Treasures". The predominant shape of the new jewelry is the HOUSE, always present in the artist's creations in recent years. For Ana Wagner, the HOUSE is the symbol of Love, the sublimation of the space where, as a child, she understood what love means. In each house-shaped piece are finely engraved symbols of spring (the sun, in the center of which was placed the diamond, the bud, the birds, the leafy tree / tree of life and resurrection), as well as fragments from Topârceanu's Spring Rhapsodies, probably the most beautiful poem from Romanian literature that celebrates the arrival of the renaissance season.

With this new collection, Wagner Arte Creative Workshop opens a new line in its luxury products’ department: gold jewelry with precious stones (diamonds and such). As we always argued, porcelain is just a pretext, just one type of medium for Ana Wagner's works of art. Gold is as good as another kind of support for an artist's work. Gold, the universally valid currency, becomes all the more precious, as it bears the imprint and creative energy of a famous artist.