„Wagner Arte Frumoase și Povești” is a story we are writing on porcelain for over 15 years and has become a recognized brand in the world of luxury manufacturing.

All our products are made with great attention to details, porcelain being hand painted or decorated by print technique. This is why each object we create, even if it is part of a unitary collection, will have its own story, lasting in time.

The combination of the rigor and refinement of handmade technique and the fantasy of the themes are a trademark of „Wagner Arte Frumoase și Povești” brand.

Following the example of the major porcelain manufactures in Europe (Vista Allegre, Limoges, Sevres, Rosenthal, etc.), which periodically invites well-known artists to create unique collections, „Wagner Arte Frumoase și Povești” invites, for years now, important artists to create collections of hand-painted porcelain objects. The guest artist explores new territories for his creation, and the porcelain universe is enriched with the magic of a great creator.

An example is represented by the collaborations with the famous artist Ștefan Câlția who offered us the opportunity to use his drawings in a different configuration according to the three-dimensional particularities of the porcelain. As a result, the collections: "Cups with plants on the hill", "Garden between waters", "Transylvanian grasses and flowers" appeared.

In 2018, the unique collaboration with the painter Vadim Crețu resulted in the collection "Deep in the heart of the garden" transmitting the message of joy and mystery of life.

Collector's Club members will have priority access to such collections.

What does Collector's Club mean?

A special card that will reward the loyalty of the customers who will purchase „Wagner Arte Frumoase și Povești” objects, with a value of at least 5.000 RON, within a period of 6 months.

The following benefits are linked to this card:

o Access to premium or small series collections;

o Priority for the purchase of limited series objects, with the option of pre-booking;

o 15% permanent discount;

o Invitations to launching events of new collections and to other special events;

o Special offers from external partners and collaborators of „Wagner Arte Frumoase și Povești”.

We look forward to welcoming you to „Wagner Arte Frumoase și Povești” Collectors' Club!