Peles Castle is undoubtedly the most beautiful castle in Romania and an uninterrupted source of delight for its visitors. Combining Italian elegance and German aesthetics with Renaissance influences, Peles Castle was the result of the joint work and effort of hundreds of people from all over Europe over eight years (1875-1883): German and Austrian architects, masons from Italy, Romanians at earthworks, German and Hungarian carpenters, Turks for brick burning, Polish and Czech stone masons, French for sketching, English for surveyors and unskilled Roma workers where needed.

The final result is a real gem, which inspired us, the Wagner House, in our effort to reflect the beauty that fills our lives, through objects that will become cherished memories forever.

Here are some of them, where you can see the trace of the high stylized spiers, the delicate curvature of the decorative flowers in a pure sky blue and the indisputable touch of royalty brought by the materials used - pure gold, platinum, pearls and topaz.