When we designed our Wagner Arte online store we tried to bring with us the flavor of our quiet and beautiful Belle Époque workshop in Cotroceni, where our art pieces are personalized, arranged and decorated with great style. On our virtual shelves here you can find precious jewelry and "art de la table" collections, all hand painted on porcelain, and many more. Most of our creations greet you with beautiful classic elegance and originality – all results of the miniature paintbrush strokes of our talented signature artist Ana Wagner, along with her wonderful artist collaborators and her own sister, Irina Wagner who is the manager of Wagner Arte family business.

The story of the Wagner Arte workshop began in the winter

of 2005 thanks to the passion the two sisters shared for fine arts and for this

craft. Painting on ceramics is an old Romanian tradition, but

Wagner Arte lifted it to the rank of art

and even brought it into contemporary, thus becoming a go-to place in Bucharest

and the entire country for gifts, decorative furnishings and accessories.

Wagner Arte Frumoase şi Poveşti (Wagner Beautiful Arts and


is a story

we have been telling on porcelain for more than ten years and that has become a

recognized brand in the luxury artisanal world. Starting with porcelain sets

for serving food and tea, we gradually extended our collection of unique gifts,

a large part of our offer today including jewelry, with the first collection

dating in the summer of 2009.

Based on Ana Wagner’s concepts and designs, our

artist team is able to create very unique products: elegant and sophisticated

jewelry for both women and men, “art de la table” porcelain sets, lighting

objects made out of porcelain and brass, hand painted furniture accessorized

with Wagner Arte decorated porcelain.

All Wagner Arte products are made manually, piece by piece, with

great attention to detail. The porcelain is either hand painted or decorated

through decalcomania. For this reason, every piece made in our workshop will

have its own story and fingerprint, even if it is part of a collection. The jewelry which is Ana’s latest passion,

evolved from just painted porcelain into more luxurious pieces with a

mix of porcelain and gold, silver, semiprecious stones, pearls, and Swarovski


Over the past years, Wagner Arte emphasized

luxury, handmade and limited edition pieces of exquisite refinement, true

collection pieces that can be passed on from generation to generation. The

workshop, however, does continue to produce objects in larger series at

moderate prices, using the decalcomania technique.

We dearly wait for you to visit our little Wagner Arte universe of art and stories!

You can also find us at our workshop, not just here online.